Monday, January 28, 2013

Imported French Wired Ribbon Is Here!!!

I am so excited! I have been waiting on this ribbon for some time and it finally arrived from France on Saturday! I have already "broken" into some of it, but still have more to open.
It is the "real, acetate French wired ribbon" and they are discontinuing it so I bought all I could afford! HA!...My husband doesn't understand that logic.....husbands...!
Here are some of the flowers I have made thus far.
I am going to sell some of my new stash.
If you are interested in some, let me know and I will show you all the sizes and colors I have.
Here are the prices;
15mm   5/8 inch is $2.45 a yard
25 mm     1 inch is $2.55 a yard
40 mm  1&1/2 inch is $3.20 a yard
$10 min order
And for all of my blog friends I will give a 15 % off discount .
Thanks everyone and have a great day!