Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to ribbon work

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, I did, but now ...back to ribbonwork.

This is for a large order I am working on. It is for a civil war re-enactment gown. Here are some of the pieces.
I keep all of the bits and pieces in an egg carton while working on them. It is super handy..I just close it up when I am finished. I can also take it with me if I need to. The Styrofoam is great for holding pins and needles too. I keep extra beads and stamens in the little egg cups.

I will show you the finished work. Hopefully I will be done this week. If the customer sends me a picture of the finished dress I will be sure to share that too!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thoughts on Christmas

During this season I have been thinking about traditions and different ways we celebrate Christmas.

It makes me think of some other holidays we celebrate..Mother's day and Father's day. Both of these days  are designed to show the "person of honor" that we love and honor them and appreciate the sacrifices they have made for us in the name of love.

I know I wouldn't have much of a relationship with  my parents if I only thought of  them one day a year! 
As Christmas comes and goes I want to keep the reason for the season in my heart all year. Jesus wants to have a relationship with each one of us...that is the real reason for the season.

It occurred to me that some of my followers may not own a Bible, if you would like a Bible just email me at I will send you one as a Christmas gift. If you would like me to pray with you, about anything anytime just email me.  

I promised I wouldn't use this blog to preach but I wanted to share these thoughts with you for Christmas.
More ribbonwork  in next post!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walt Disney Cinderella Ballet Slippers

I couldn't wait to share these with you all! I received a custom order for these little ballet shoes.

 The little girl requested aquamarine flowers and light pink shoes! I thought....well, ok...but when I made them I was so pleased!

 I think they look just like they stepped out of a Walt Disney movie! I can just see a princess wearing these while little blue birds fly around her head!
What a nice Mom to let her choose her own unconventional colors!

Here is another pair of cute little Christmas slippers I did this week. Won't they be perfect for dancing around the tree?

Here is a very dark and poor quality picture of the Christmas wreath now on its way to France!!!

I must one of Santa's elves...Santa please order earlier next year!

 I was also talking to Rudolph and he has requested some extra bathroom stops on the delivery trip this year!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Wreath

I am working on a last minute order for Christmas!! The first picture shows a progress picture...complete with the Cinnamon sticks I needed to keep me going!!

Here is the wreath..still not finished..I ran out of cinnamon sticks..I am sure that is the problem!

I plan to sprinkle more rose buds around the wreath and also add pearl clusters.

I will show you the wreath when I get it done..I may or may not let you know how much candy was eaten during this project!

Happy Monday,