Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday afternoon and the kittens

Some time ago I told you about the arivial of the kittens and my hives in response to them.
As Paul Harvey would say..."Here is the rest of the story"

For the last 6months or so we have been feeding a group of stray cats that live  in the gas station parking lot. When we first starting the feeding program there was a Mama cat with several kittens. One by one they were adopted or moved on. Then we were down to Mama and kitten. We named the kitten Fuzzy. We named Mama...well, Mama. We are so clever.

We tried for months to trap, catch, lure and capture  Mama and Fuzzy. We even tried getting a " dip" net on a long pole. Much to the amusment of the gas station customers, that did not work either.
So as things go, Fuzzy grew up and began her own family. When Fuzzy's kitten was four weeks she brought her out into the world.  We were able to catch the Four week old kitten. I took her home and named her Ivy.
Heeeeeerees Ivy

That is our dog Honey with her new kitten.

Then then other shoe dropped..Fuzzy was pregnant again. But this time we caught her!!!
Ivy is 14 weeks old and her younger siblings are 3 and a half weeks old.

Here they are.A blur of black!

If you know anyone who wants a kitten, let us know!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Morning Friends

This is a lace necklace I am just starting. I am not sure if I should use all cream and whites for the flowers or if I should add very light pastel flowers.
What do you think?

Here are the finished ribbonwork pins I got finished today.

I have also learned a very important blogging lesson. Don't announce a post ahead of time! LOL

I had planned to finish up the southern recipes for this blog but I was making such good progress on the ribbon pieces I didn't want to interrupt it.

Do you sometimes get in a good place and everything goes smoothly? You know it is so rare you are afraid to stop working. LOL
Have a WONDERFUL Saturday!

A Marvelous Mess

Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Morning and finished Ribbonwork

Good morning! Here are a few pieces I got finished. I was having problems with my camera..but I think it is ok now.

These are made from the the ribbons I dyed and showed you in the last post.

I will be back tomorrow with some Southern recipes and a kitten update!
Have a wonderful day!!!

A Little Knick Knack

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ribbonwork, Ribbon Dying and More Hand Dyed Ribbon

Good morning!
I am going to finish the Gone with the wind series but first I had to get caught up!

I always dye ribbon in small batches. I think it is because I have a short attention span! It does lead to extra work though. Sometimes I have a popular color series and I have to dye a new batch. That is what I did last night.

I had custom orders for items in the color of a cuff I have in my shop. Here one piece and I have several others in this color to get made.

This is how I store the finished ribbon. I roll it up and keep it by color in plastic bins.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ribbonwork Ribbon Flowers for Mary

/My friend Mary wrote a lovley blog about my work. So as a thank you I told her I would send her a flower for her grand daughter...little did I know she had six!!! LOL! What a wonderful blessing they must be.

So here are the six flowers for the six girls. I hope they enjoy them!
Be sure to visit Mary. She has a wonderful blog.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gone With The Wind in Marietta, GA

I live in Marietta, Ga within walking distance to the Gone with the wind museum. Here are some of the beautiful sights and history of the area.

The first home was built in 1851 and renovated after a fire into the Italianate style you see now. Circa 1880.
This was home to the first mayor of Marietta, John Heyward Glover. It was occupied by union troops during 1864. They stabled their horses in the parlor!

This is Glover park in the downtown square on land donated by Mayor Glover.
Whitlock Inn Circa 1900. It stands on the formaer site of the MG Whitlock 150 room resort which was destroyed by fire.

Second photo is next door Anderson Mansion circa 1900

This is the Archibald Howell house circa 1843. It is a Greek Revival structure. The doric columns are some of the largest in Georgia at 11 feet.2 inches in circumference at the base!!!! It has 14 room, 10 fireplaces and 6 bathrooms. It also served as a hospital during the war.
I have been told by a neighbor that there are tunnels under this home that lead to the railroad across the street and also lead downtown.

This is a later victorian home across the street.
This home is about two miles from"town" It is the McNeel-Henderson house.
This is the Barnes Home. This was built about five years ago by former Governor Roy Barnes.

I don't know any history on this home, I just included it because I love it. I think it was built in the 1920's.

This is the house across the street. It has been "renovated" and all of the patina and ivy has been stripped from the facade.

This is part one. I will be be showing you some other homes and the museum, some southern recipes and of course some ribbonwork.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Step by Step

Here is another floral bear halo. This is for the cousin of the first bear. Apparently bears are very jealous and like to keep up with the Joneses!

Here it is step by step.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend
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It's a Blog Party

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Study In Cream

Here is some of my stash. Some antique lace, some new and some I have tea dyed. Mixed in are a few pieces I have made.