Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning

This is my goal today...I must finish this ribbonwork piece!  This is what I love doing ...creating. But as of late I find I spend more time on my laptop! By the time I check several email accounts, check my etsy store, look at my flickr,  and check in on my website,
half the day is gone! LOL  And I have decided that I must start a blog...I have nothing on my facebook...and I will not use twitter. Really it would be easier to have a film crew follow me around and I could have a live feed.
What are your thoughts on all the media sharing? Do you love it or hate it?
Let me Dr Frazier Crane says.."I'm listening"


  1. LOL A film crew!

    I don't do facebook. I LOVE twitter and find that the views from twitter are very important for getting traffic into my shops (etsy, artfire, zibbet and listings on ebay).

    I love my blog.

    Welcome to blog land!

    I am following you.

  2. I hear ya!! I stopped tweeting just to save time and my sanity. Instead I started my food blog. Ha ha!
    Thanks so much your comments. I really appreciate it. :)
    Will be stopping here frequently!!!!

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower :) I won't use twitter either. It's just a principle thing that's completely in my head. It really seems like a great networking tool and a lot of fun, but I have just gotten so sick of hearing people talk about it that I don't want to be a part of it! Crazy, I know. I do have a facebook page that I use regularly and a blog. But, like you, I struggle to find the time to keep up with everything! Good luck with your blogging venture!