Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday afternoon and the kittens

Some time ago I told you about the arivial of the kittens and my hives in response to them.
As Paul Harvey would say..."Here is the rest of the story"

For the last 6months or so we have been feeding a group of stray cats that live  in the gas station parking lot. When we first starting the feeding program there was a Mama cat with several kittens. One by one they were adopted or moved on. Then we were down to Mama and kitten. We named the kitten Fuzzy. We named Mama...well, Mama. We are so clever.

We tried for months to trap, catch, lure and capture  Mama and Fuzzy. We even tried getting a " dip" net on a long pole. Much to the amusment of the gas station customers, that did not work either.
So as things go, Fuzzy grew up and began her own family. When Fuzzy's kitten was four weeks she brought her out into the world.  We were able to catch the Four week old kitten. I took her home and named her Ivy.
Heeeeeerees Ivy

That is our dog Honey with her new kitten.

Then then other shoe dropped..Fuzzy was pregnant again. But this time we caught her!!!
Ivy is 14 weeks old and her younger siblings are 3 and a half weeks old.

Here they are.A blur of black!

If you know anyone who wants a kitten, let us know!


  1. So wonderful that you are there for them! Precious!!

  2. So nice of you to take care of them!!
    They are adorable!!!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and your very nice comment....We recently finished raising 5 kittens, long story, anyway my son kept them all. He raised them with feedings every four hours and just could not part with them. They are a beauty. It's a big job so I admire you for taking care of these little guys, they are adorable.

  4. Ivy is so adorable. Sending kitty kisses!

  5. Dana, I have had up to 25 stray cats here to feed but little by little they have disappeared, some were poisoned, we took them to the vet but he couldn't do anything for them. Then we began the long chore of getting them fixed. We bought a trap and caught them all, we have a low cost clinic here and now they are done...down to 7 and I have two of my own, plus my son has his 5.
    Honey is darling and a sweetie for loving Fuzzy and taking good care of him.

  6. soooo so cute!! They are gorgeous. Hope you can find a loving home for them :)Big hugs to Honey.

  7. Kittens are like my kryptonite! Love!

  8. Dearest Dana,

    If we would not already have seven felines we would adopt such cuties. Yes, we rescued one in Acapulco and she turned out to be pregnant so we got her 5 kittens too! Sadly, we lost the mama cat, guess she got kidnapped since it was such a beauty. One never knows what drug addicts do to cash in on some money...
    What a sad story again, and they have a litter way too young themselves! If pet owners would just take up the responsibility for spaying and neuturing them... So much suffering by stray cats and dogs.
    Love to you,


  9. That is adorable Dana lol. Honey certainly seems to like her friend there - bless!
    Is Ivy part of where you got your blog name from?