Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kittens and ribbonwork update

Yesterday was busy. Went to the doctor and then went to the vet with my sisiter. The smallest of the kittens is breathing hard and doesn't eat as well as the other three kittens.

We were afraid the vet would want to put the baby to sleep, instead he said she was too small to really evaluate and he wants to see her again in four weeks.

They are getting SO cute, there eyes are starting to open and they look more like cats! I am in love!! I will give you the background story of the kittens in another post.

Here is the latest ribbonwork. I love to work with newly dyed ribbon! The dying process is hard and takes a long time and is super messy. When I get to use the ribbon it seems like a reward.

I have a favorite piece, do you?

Also I wanted to thank Mary for the wonderful blog interview at
She has a wonderful blog, stop by for a visit!
I had the camera on the wrong setting...I guess you noticed LOL!
Here is a better picture


  1. Beautiful work!


  2. Your work is so lovely! I would love to see some in neutral colors! Do you have a post like that anywhere? Glad your kitten is ok for now. They are tooo cute!
    Have a blessed day, and thank you for stopping by!!

  3. YAY!! A fellow Etsian and Christian! I am off to visit your shop!! :o)

  4. Hello Becky!
    by popular demand..ok, by your question I will post some neutral pictures on tomorrow's blog.

    Glad you stopped by!