Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to ribbon work

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, I did, but now ...back to ribbonwork.

This is for a large order I am working on. It is for a civil war re-enactment gown. Here are some of the pieces.
I keep all of the bits and pieces in an egg carton while working on them. It is super handy..I just close it up when I am finished. I can also take it with me if I need to. The Styrofoam is great for holding pins and needles too. I keep extra beads and stamens in the little egg cups.

I will show you the finished work. Hopefully I will be done this week. If the customer sends me a picture of the finished dress I will be sure to share that too!


  1. Dearest Dana,

    What a genial idea! You are multi-talented.
    Strange how Christmas here in the USA abruptly ends versus the 2-day Christmas in Europe and even in Canada. We will never get used to this, even not after 28 years...
    Love to you and success on this interesting gown. It is in the right hands for the best turn out.

  2. I must tell you that when my daughter saw my pretty posie that I won, she threatened to take it back to Denver with her! Of course, it is still here with me-safe! You do make lovely pieces.♥♫

  3. These are beautiful and how neat is it, that they will be part of a re-enactment gown. Great idea to use the egg carton for keeping things in order.

  4. These are lovely. I hope you get a chance to share the finished gown with us in the future. One of the most amazing gowns I've seen was one of Mary Todd Lincoln's in the Lincoln Museum. It's amazing how much handwork went into it.

  5. Querida amiga e irmã as suas flores estão super delicadas! Tenho absoluta certeza que o resultado final será fantástico! Deus te abençoe com toda sorte de bençãos celestiais. aproveito para te desejar um FELIZ ANO NOVO Com muita alegria e paz.
    Beijinho no coração.

  6. beautiful work :) Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - much love and joy to you and your family, In Him :)

  7. Dearest Dana,

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Good healt, love and peace and looking forward to more visits.

    Love to you and yours,