Monday, June 25, 2012

Fairy Princess Flower Girl

This  is a fairy princess flower girl collection I have been working on. Still have a bit more to do. I thought you might like to see it before I finish it.


  1. Dearest Dana,

    You indeed do produce material for a true life fairy princess! Look at those lovely pink roses... The colors are so well chosen too.
    Love to you and hope you are meanwhile enjoying the summer.

  2. Oh that does look so fairy princess. Beautiful!

  3. I wish my daughter would have another wedding this summer! She just laughed when I said that and told me that it would only be an anniversary party!! We did every thing ourselves. Dress. Flowers. Cupcakes. Table decorations. Our friends and family did help a lot the day of the wedding, too!♥♫

  4. Oh, and your work is BEAUTIFUL. ♥♫