Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens

I just wanted to share a picture of these sweet kittens .
Aren't they the cutest ever?

These little kittens were left under the hood of my sister's car by a ferel cat.
My sister pulled out four of them and got them in the house, went ack to get the other two and the mother had moved them!

After a couple of weeks of food, flea treaments and love they were ready to go to their new home. We found great homes for everyone and have had progress reports from the new owners.

Now we have to try and catch the two "outdoor" kitties and catch the mama cat and have her fixed.....this is the second batch of fury sweetness she has left for my sister! :)

Have a wonderful week everyone.....oh, and also thank you to everyone who voted for me on craftinest. I got in and will soon try to get opened there too.



  1. Glad they were found before the car was started! Hope they will continue to do well in their new homes.♥♫

  2. Awwww such precious kitties, and how wonderful that they all found loving homes ;)


  3. My dearest Dana,
    those kittens are so sweet, good you found them and also found lovely homes for them!
    So I hope you will find the others too and also find wonderful new homes for them!
    Have a wonderful week and take care, my friend!
    Love and hugs

  4. Oh I can't resist rescuing a kitten! Tell your sister what a wonderful thing she has done. We are trying to catch a Mother and 2 older babies at my parents house. It is hard! Cats are smart. Those kittens are ADORABLE! The grey one is my favorite--I used to have one that looked just like that named Tabetha. I miss her!

  5. So Cute, Dana !!

    Hugs, Wilma.

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    Beijos Marie.

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