Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It is SOOO hard to find good help these days!

I had a "pearl clutching" moment when I looked out the window and saw the condition of my yard. The grass was shaggy and nothing had been trimmed at all!
I immediately had my husband speak to our yard staff. I believe when you see his picture you will understand why our yard in in this mess!

He was sleeping on the job!!  My husband was informed he was striking for better food and conditions!      


  1. LOL...LOL....that was a good one, I suggest some kitty treats as well!

    Perhaps a toy or two and he will be mowing, trimming, weeding in no time

  2. LOL!!!
    This is funniest blog I've ever read so far!!

  3. Maybe kittie would like to ride along? Oh, the life of a cat:-) Actually, your yard looks really nice with all the big trees.

  4. Please, kitty did his job exactly the way kitty is supposed to do it. Plus, he did it all day long. What more can you expect? He sure is a cutie in that seat!

  5. Dearest Dana,

    Oh, we have the very same 'lazy' stinkers... But you cannot get rid of them; they moved in and stay put - FIRMLY! But after all, we spoiled them isn't it? Hope that I once can return like such a lucky stinker, provided I will get adopted by a caring family!

    Love to you,