Thursday, September 1, 2011

Victorian bears lend a helping hand to others

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful etsy store called Teddy Bear and Gift Shop.
I found Kathy when I inquired about some vintage wedding dresses she had listed.Kathy soon became a dear friend.
 She is an amazing person who uses her God given talents to help many people. Kathy dresses the bears in beautifully created dresses made from vintage wedding gowns.

You make such amazing bears, how did you get started?

It was years ago and I've made hundreds of dressed teddy bears since
I always liked the pillow doll. I loved the femininity and the laces
and soft layered fabrics. So I strived for that look. My dressed teddies still look
their very best on a bed or a chair. Somehow they have evolved into a victorian teddy bear.

I know you do a lot of hand sewing on your bears. How long does it take to finish a bear?

I have always hand sewn my teddy bear dresses but recently started using a machine for
much of my regular fabric. I still hand sew the beaded fabrics and hats.
It takes a day or two for a simple teddy bear outfit or a week for a more elaborate bear from
beginning to boxing them.

Please tell us how your shop helps those around the world

The Lord spoke to my heart many years ago that the poor and needy
had cried for water and that there was none, but He had heard.

The Water He has given us to give is His Love, through Jesus, for the world.
One of the doors He opened to us to share His love was in Kenya.
We have had a food outreach every week for six years now.
It feeds about 35-45 people, mostly children, every week.

We've simply learned to trust the Lord as He does it all.
We see so many miracles. He so loves.
He has added wonderful people to the work
and we continue to see people and children and families added to the outreach.
Kenya, Mexico, or locally, .whatever we commit to in His love, the Lord is faithful
and we see the need come, often through
miracles and very often through the dressed Victorian teddy bears.

Thank you, Dana, for the time to share

If you need a gift or are a bear collector then contact Kathy. Buying a bear from Kathy is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

She also sells painted candles, bookmarks, signs and other wonderful things! Visit Kathy and add her to your favorites and circles.

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  1. Beautiful work and such a wonderful story! A real joy to read about Kathy's generosity. Nice to know there are still gentle and loving people out there!

    Wanted to let you know I finally got around to posting pictures of the rescued bee hive. You can paste this in if you want to see it.

  2. Dearest friend,

    Just a short visit and a compliment for all your lovely work. We had a two-day visit and thus I was away from the PC...
    Lots of love,


  3. wow :) Thank you so much for highlighting and sharing this !